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Featured Artist June 2016
Marilyn Torchin

Watercolor and acrylic, abstract and landscape, plein air and studio work, the paintings by local artist Marilyn Torchin, are sophisticated, layered, and vibrant in color. The featured artist at Studio 74 for the month of June, Marilyn Torchin fills the gallery with a selection of her newest work, Extreme Abstracts, to dazzle your senses.


A signature member of the A.C.A. Marilyn Torchin has won many awards in the art shows where she displays her work. 


"The goal with my work is to assimilate my everyday experiences with the physical world into what I call abstract-realism.  I am fascinated with the relationship between shapes, forms and color.  My paintings are formed in layers that build upon each other adding depth and contrast to the created images. 


My hope is that you will enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoy making them."    -  Marilyn Torchin







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