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Studio 74

Featuring local art and introducing emerging artists

Diane L. Johnson-Mendes
Betty Berk
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Studio 74 is an independent Art Gallery that features the work of established local artists each month.  In addition, Studio 74 is a venue that introduces local emerging artists.  The gallery displays a new artist or group of artists each month.
Located at 1274 N. Van Ness Avenue, north of Olive Avenue, in Fresno's Historic Tower District, Studio 74 participates in Art Hop on the first Thursday of each month.  Art Hop is the opening night and reception for the new show and is an opportunity to meet and talk with the artist.                                                                                

Next ArtHop is October 1st, 5-9 PM

Music on the patio by "No Strings" and Matthew Embry +1" starting @6PM

also for 1 night only

wood carvings by Steve Rupe
on the patio

Featured artist

October 1-30, 2015

coming in November
Louis Vuittonet


         November 2-25, 2015                   

Wearable Works of Art ...Designs by Camille

Wire Wrap Pendants
 by Pam Wilson


Ruven Zamora
Original Jewelry Creations


Coming to Studio 74 ...2015


Denise Stover


Louis Vuittonet


Multiple Artist Show

Studio 74 is accepting new artists to show in  2017.  Interested artists should contact the gallery or

for an appointment to present your portfolio, or you may submit JPEG images of recent work.