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Studio 74

Featuring local art and introducing emerging artists

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Studio 74
is an independent Art Gallery that features the work of established local artists each month.  In addition, Studio 74 is a venue that introduces local emerging artists.  The gallery displays a new artist or group of artists each month.
Located at 1274 N. Van Ness Avenue, north of Olive Avenue, in Fresno's Historic Tower District, Studio 74 participates in Art Hop on the first Thursday of each month.  Art Hop is the opening night and reception for the new show and is an opportunity to meet and talk with the artist.                                                                                

Celebrating 10 Years of Art!

The gallery is open
Monday - Friday 1-6 PM
Saturday  1-4 PM


Three varied artists are featured in the April Exhibition at Studio 74, April 4th – 29th, with an April 7th ArtHop reception.

A collection of brightly colored and patterned paintings, the themes in the work by Tracy Fulton revolve around nature, energy, and a mostly hopeful sort of chaos.  The blend of emotional impulses has included desires for peace, tolerance, and continuity, on both micro and macro levels, and a continued hope for a weaving of greater harmony, integration, and acceptance among the remarkably diverse economic, social, ethnic, cultural, and creative strands of our community. 

Mirza Matloob Baig, a plein air artist, new to Fresno and showing for the first time at Studio 74.  Painting nature is his passion.  It has always been a source of inspiration for Mirza, especially when nature changes her moods and shades suddenly. All her jewels, that adorn her like flying clouds, dusty winds, foggy ambiance, Serene dawn or surrealistic dusk, intoxicate him to a level where he has to paint.


Chris Forbes brings his eclectic vision and mixtures of mediums to his original photo prints of paintings and computer manipulated images and patterns.  Appearing simple at first glance, the intricate and repeated designs are often used to create symmetrical representations some of which are recognizable, others not, and brought to life with color.


The gallery shop features jewelry by Camille Cole, Ruven Zamora and Pam Wilson and an encore showing of “Coffee” paintings by Diane L . Johnson-Mendes.


Gallery hours are Monday – Friday 1-6 PM and 1-4 PM on Saturday. Studio 74 is located at 1274 N. Van Ness Avenue, north of Olive in the Tower District.  Visit the web site, and on Facebook.


1274 N. Van Ness Ave - north of Olive in the Tower District!

Wearable Works of Art ...Designs by Camille

Wire Wrap Pendants
 by Pam Wilson


Ruven Zamora
Original Jewelry Creations


Showing at Studio 74


San Joaquin Plein Air Painters


Tracy Fulton

Local Student Art Show


Marilyn Torchin

Fresno Plein Air Painters


Chris Cayco

Cathy Varvis-Griffin

Group Show

Sandy Kowallis


Group Show

Studio 74 is accepting artists to show in  2017.  Interested artists should email via contact the gallery or

for an appointment to present your portfolio, or you may submit JPEG images of recent work.