Art Hop is back!  The gallery will be open for Art Hop August 5th

and for Friday Night Art August 6th, 5-8 PM


“This is Life, strange overlapping moments of the ordinary and the different..

Dark, light, change, familiar and still beauty, see it all fully and clearly.

Do not fear, do not rage, and do not hide, just live.

Have hope, remember love, and find peace.

Embrace it because This is Life.”



Local artist Cathy Varvis-Griffin brings to the gallery her interpretation of the past 18 months expressed in her fiber art.  Lock downs, working from home, restricted outside contact and personal struggles presented a new vision and appreciation of the everyday vistas.

Painting with dye on silk/organza and using a sewing machine like a pencil the artist has created one of a kind works of art that rival painting on canvas.

Accompanying this art in the show with a different view of the past six months is work by local artist Diane L. Johnson-Mendes.  Acrylic paintings reflect the changes in vision and attitude after life changing events. Depicting the “then and the now”, this series documents the daily contrasts and changes experienced by the artist after the death of her husband.

The show runs through Friday, August 27th, with receptions for Art Hop on Thursday, August 5th; Friday Night Art on August 6th.  The gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 1-6 PM and 1-4 on Saturday.


Studio 74